Well, here it is - The Contest! Fictoris and I have been engaged for about a month and a half now. We wanted to do something creative, unique and something that no one else has. So here is your chance to win $100 to create a design that will go onto our wedding invites!

We aren’t going to give many details about ourselves beyond what is on our blogs as we want anyone who enters to not feel limited by us. So we want you to go nuts and make an invite! We will be giving away $100 dollars cash for the invite we pick. The deadline for entries is May 25th, 2009 and we will pick the winner by June 1st 2009.

  • Send us a mock up right away, afterward we will ask for a high quality .psd or .pdf file.
  • You do not have to put the information in. Just give us an idea of what it would look like.
  • We have the right not to pick a winner.
  • We will not use your design if we do not pick it.
  • You need a PayPal account or something to that extent for us to give you the money.

I am really excited to see what everyone can come up with. Send your entries to fictoris@gmail.com and we will get back to you soon. Make sure to Stumble this and tell any of your friends that are aspiring designers!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I shall be attempting your challenge!! I'm a Graphic Design major, I know what I'm doing. I'll have it in before the deadline. I'm prioritizing projects.

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