So, originally I was going to post something about things I'd like to learn how to cook/bake, and maybe I'll get to that later. However, as of now, there are many things going on in ND and the places where I'm at in ND. Valley City, ND and numerous other towns are being evacuated because of intense flooding. As of now, I'm staying Jamestown at my parents place awaiting the flood. However, Jamestown is now anticipating severe flooding.

Fictoris and I made the decision yesterday morning to get out of Valley City, ND even though we were not exactly in the flood plain (the flood plain ended on our street). Valley City State University (where we go to college) has basically been cut off from the world thanks to dikes and rising water. They made the announcement this afternoon to continue with courses online for the remainder of the school year. Many understandable questions arose from this - such as, "What if I don't have internet?" Many students do not have internet access 24/7 and I am one of them (parents got rid of it when I went to college 3 years ago). Currently, I have to go to a coffee shop to get online (thats where I'm at now).

It has not necessarily been a stressful situation, but more of an annoyance. For as technological VCSU is, email services and other academic items have been more or less, down. I agree that officials are doing an amazing job at keeping citizens, students, faculty and staff informed. However, their means of getting that information to us is a bit of a nuisance and I know there are many students that still have thousands of questions.

Hopefully, I will be able to post some photos later of not only Valley City but maybe Jamestown, ND. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Thank you to everyone who is working hard in this difficult situation.
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