I have always thought that I was born in the wrong decade.

This is my list of five of my favorite leading men and little tid-bits about them. There is no particular order because how could you chose from these five fabulous men?

1) Ol' Blue Eyes - Mr. Frank Sinatra

Although Frank is known for his music, I like seeing him on the silver screen as well. He has won an Academy Award and was also nominated for another. My personal favorite is On the Town with one of my other favorite leading men. I'm not sure why he is one of my favorites - but do I really need a reason?

2) Mr. Marlon Brando

He is very well known as a sex-symbol in his early works, such as A Streetcar Named Desire. Then during his later years everyone knows him as The Godfather. The first movie I saw with Marlon Brando in was Guys and Dolls. I instantly fell in love with his deep, wispy voices. He is dubbed as one of the best male actors of all time and has won 2 Academy Awards plus 6 other nominations, 1 Emmy award, 2 Golden Globes plus 4 other nominations, and several other foreign awards and nominations*.

3) Mr. Gene Kelly

I do not think I could get sick of watching Gene Kelly's feet. The way he dances and moves is beautiful. Of course, everyone knows him from Singin' In the Rain (which is one of the few movies I could watch over and over again without getting sick of it). However, again I liked him in On the Town with Frank Sinatra. Maybe I just love the movie, or those two actors together (although they have done a few other movies together), either way his movies are wonderful. I really respect his dance scenes because of how lively the colors and moves are - they're extraordinary.

4) Sir Thomas Sean Connery

Okay, so beyond the whole Scottish accent and the Bond thing, not a lot of people that I know know him for anything else. Fictoris and I watched The Rock today on television and this is what started this whole list. He has been in numerous prestigious/popular series such as Indiana Jones and the Bond Movies. He has won numerous awards for such films as The Untouchables and is dubbed as one of the greatest living Scots.

5) James (Jimmy) Stewart

Love, love, love James Stewart. The first movie I saw with him in it was Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. I love his early work in the black and white films. Out of all the men on this list, I think I have watched the most of his movies. I really enjoy the characters that he portrays in a lot of his movies. He has played numerous roles in Alfred Hitchcock and Frank Capra movies. Aside from Mr. Smith, other of my favorite movies with him in are Shop Around the Corner and The Stratton Story.*

So I say again, it is hard to pick just one of these men. Each one has contributed something to the movie industry and I am just happy that we are lucky to see their films. I realize there are plenty of other men that deserve honorable mention, and if I had time I would list more. However, these are my favorite men to watch. Whenever there is a movie on with one of these men on, I put the things that I am doing down and watch.

*Photos and information were taken off of Wikipedia. Movie information was from IMBd. *

I got this inspiration from Project Wedding:

I've known for a while that I want to use this idea. So today I tried/attempted a couple to see how well they would go. This is what I got and need opinions:

Sorry about the photo...anyway, these are my color options. The purple is a nice mix between dark and light, and the green is a nice kelly green. I am personally a fan of the purple...

Next, are legs or no legs? I found that if you do not have something that helps you fold or cut little, it is very difficult to do the legs. Especially if you like things close to perfect.

The backdrop is next. I chose a darker like pattern and a colorful like pattern (see below) to see what would look best. These will NOT be the finalized backdrops, but I just needed color options to judge against.

In all, I found that I liked the purple, without the legs, with the darker backdrop. My fiance, Fictoris, is pretty much happy with whatever I pick out. The information I am going to put on the four sides include: Disposable Camera information, Kisses for the Bride and Groom (its a little poem that refers to people singing songs instead of clinking their glasses for PDA), a photo of us, and a little couple trivia. You can find more options and ideas from the Project Wedding website.

Please remember that things will be done a lot nicer for the wedding. I was just trying to get an idea of what options I had and how long each one would take for me to make it (which was by the way, about 10-15 minutes when I got the hang of it). Enjoy!