Have you ever Googled yourself for the hell of it? I do it every once in a while when I am bored. Because I have not fully "developed" myself on the web, I am listed 3 down on Google. Before the actual ME pops up I have rather interesting alter-egos...

1. I am a very pretty Australian model, who was also Miss Universe Australia...yeah don't I wish!
Me? A model? Hahaha that is great...for the record I am a 5'5'' red head that wears average size jeans!

2. I am a contemporary painter and flamenco dancer...all in one! Yeah....right. I'm white and from North Dakota...I can barely two-step let alone become a flamenco dancer.

3. Finally, will the real Jana please stand up? (I'm SO sorry for using that!) You will find my LinkedIn link - but that is it for a while. I am slowly trying to build up my name but who can compete with an artist and a model!?

However, kudos to all the other Jana's in the world!

Sorry this is so short and sweet, but I have had little sleep. So if you're ever in a need for a laugh, pull up Google and type your name in! See what else you can do!
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  1. The Germ Says:

    Don't use your real name online. create yourself a pseudonym in place of your actual name (take fictoris for example). Its more unique and allows you seperate yourself from the other Jana's.

    -Jeremythegeek (Jeremy Bernhardt)

  2. Cameron Says:

    That actually is not a good idea. You want to be able to be recognized online when people search your name for your job. More often than not people in every profession are getting Googled before they are interviewed. I know someone was being interviewed here at the college where I go and they googled the person, found a few "incriminating" facebook pictures and that person got taken out of the running.

    So having an internet identity linked to your name is very important right now in the job market. Even more so if you are going into a high technology job.

  3. I agree with Cameron, use your real name if you are really serious about networking yourself on the internet today. It shows that you are not afraid to hide behind a screenname and to take ownership of your work and whatever you share online.

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