This morning I was sitting in my Gerontology (study of aging) and a question came up asking "What do you picture yourself as when you grow older? Or, do you even think about what it will be like when you're older?" I did not answer out loud. The truth is, I DO think about being 70+. I have a very stereotypical thought in my head that consists of my husband or best friend sitting next to me in a rocking chair outside watching a sunset and sipping on some ice tea and beer. I would love to be up and running around, even at the age of 90. However, being the realistic person that I am, chances of that actually happening are slim to none. Few reasons for this:
  1. Women statiscally outlive men.
  2. I like to think that I am healthy, but the family history and my medical history tell me differently. My family has a history of Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and many chain smokers (which I was surrounded with for a good 18-19 years until i went to college). In fact, doing my Geneology report, I found out that a good 3/4 of my relatives (past and present) smoke.
  3. The American Average Life Span - better than most, but could definitely be improved.
To tell you the truth, death scares me. I like thinking I will grow old. I WANT to grow old. I want to be able to see my grand kids grow old! Maybe I am uncomfortable with death because I have so much to look forward to; or maybe some would argue it is because I am not very religious; or how many other reasons there may be.

So here are my questions for you!
What do you picture yourself as "old"?
And when do you think you will think of yourself as "old"?

P.S. "Old" is a whole other topic.

Thanks for reading!

P.P.S. I want to be like these guys playing the Wii!
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