North Dakota and I have developed a love/hate relationship. I actually love living in North Dakota - at least I do now. When I was younger I always thought I was stuck here. However, now that I'm maturing, about to graduate college, engaged, looking for jobs and waiting to start a family (in 4-5+ years), North Dakota is MUCH more appealing. Find out why.

Why I hate North Dakota:

  1. The white tundra!!

Fictoris took these this morning. The one you see above is right outside the door.

Yet another one of all the snow. The way to get an idea of how much snow it is, check out the Handicap sign...Yeah, Welcome to North Dakota.

Why I love North Dakota

  1. You can see the skies! How many of you have looked at a Harvest Moon? I have been to much larger cities and it is hard to notice anything in the sky but sky scrapers. Lets just say that the largest city I can see myself living in is Fargo, ND, and even that was pushing it for me.
  2. The smell of wheat and burning fields. I can't explain it; it's just yummy.
  3. Small towns and practically ghost towns. Passing through x amount of towns in a trip with 3 bars and no gas station is something I will always remember.
  4. Friendliness. EVERYONE is friendly and anywhere you go you will find someone that you know. The only people I can think of that are not friendly are the dumbass teens.
  5. Memories. I have endless memories in North Dakota: camping, Medora, living/growing up in the country (my neighbors were a good 1-2 acres away, not 20 feet away; and I had a HUGE backyard), mudding/4 wheeling, Pasture Parties, VCSU, meeting my fiance and many more to come.
I realize that a lot of these qualities are available in practically every state, but I love North Dakota. I have been to numerous states, but it always feels good to come home.
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