So I just spent about 3 hours working on these mock-ups. It really is amazing what I can figure out in our crappy version of Photoshop on the school laptops. I'm slowly learning though. Anyway, with a little patience (and some yanking of the hair) I came out with these...

Save the date #1:

This invite will be about 5"x5" in size. The photo will also be changed once we get our Engagement photos done. I also got this idea from Magnet Street Weddings.

Save the date #2:

This one was thought up by Fictoris. It will be about 6"x4" and again, the photo will be changed. The calendar will also be changed so it is easier to read/clearer.

Save the date #3

Lastly, of course the photo will be changed. This one is about 6.5"x6" big. These are Fictoris' hands too!

Again, I did all of these in a very downgraded version of Photoshop and if I can do that, anyone can - trust me. Either way, I really do like them all but we will see when the actual engagement photos will be in.

I plan on printing these on uber thick cardstock, and then, possibly, laminated to make them even more durable. I also think I'm going to put a little magnet on the back of them so people can hang them up on their fridge or something. If we get copyright on our engagement photos, we're going to get them done at an office store because they can run sheets for about $1 which is A LOT cheaper than ordering them.

Also, we are planning a contest for designers to create a design that will go onto our formal invites. This will not only be unique but also another cheaper way (minus the prize to the winner) to have wedding invitations done. I am so desperately hoping to do this wedding on a small budget, but also make it a mix of one-of-a-kind, creative, relaxed and gorgeous. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Be prepared for numerous other wedding posts!
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  1. jenny Says:

    1st of course because I took the pic
    2nd one is my favorite though :)

  2. Lisa_Murch Says:

    I like the first and the third ones best. And I think the magnet idea is superb. Then people will put them up and not lose them! Also, I know a great graphic designer if you're interested...

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