Lately, I've been noticing ads that portray women in a...lets say desperate way. The first one that really got me going was the Oreo 100 Calorie Packs commercial. If you haven't seen this let me give you a quick description of it. Basically a truck of the goodies drives around a city and all the women walking, driving, eating etc chase after the truck screaming, yelling and basically pissing their pants. Reasons why I hate this commercial:
  1. All the women in movie are probably under the size of 6. The average women in American is between a 12-16.
  2. Are women really desperate to chase after 100 calories? I know I'm why in the hell are they being portrayed that way? I understand the importance of having a target audience, and commonly the usual people trying to diet are women, BUT have a little respect for them. Don't make us out too look like immature, screaming, desperate idiots.
  3. Where are all the men?
Next, a commercial I heard on the radio. This one was about all the new Diet Pepsi Flavors that are out. It talks about women are not indecisive, they just have different moods. Therefore, Pepsi has designed all these different flavors for the mood! (Do you feel the sarcasm?). Yes, let's talk about moods...

"Have a Happy Period." Can you guess which brand uses that logo? In risk of sounding like a "valley girl", I don't care, PUH-LEASE! I get that they are trying to make it "easier" on us to have a period and to feel as comfortable as possible, but no amount of cotton on a pad, or scent on a tampon will make me have a HAPPY period. I will not go into detail about why its hard to have a happy period because that could be scary for some people, but you get the idea.

So I leave you with this...are these companies the desperate ones?
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  1. Kelicia Says:

    I really started noticing that kind of stuff when I was taking a women's studies class - I can't stand ads anymore.

  2. hahaha guess what im having now? NOT a happy period :P

  3. Cameron Says:

    @Kelicia Yeah I have also learned that ads kind of suck but most of what I have learned is trickle down from Jana. Therefore I know a lot about it!

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