Will someone let me know if that is truly possible? If so, I could use some advice. Fictoris and I have this saying, "Goose Frava". I am really not sure what it means, but he decided to say it about a year ago when times were stressed. Its so weird to say it that it makes things go away and you find yourself asking "What is 'Goose Frava?'"

Fictoris and I are getting married in a year and a month, and I feel rather proud of myself for all that we have accomplished and gotten done before then. Especially after hearing about upcoming weddings.

I am on the verge of annoying when it comes to being organized and planned, so doing all the preparations is no way out of the ordinary for me. Last week, I almost had a breakdown just by going over the flower list, and wondering what would work for us and how much money and all the Ah! type of things that came up. We are going to a wedding soon that really has not had very much planned; the only dates and times we know are what are on the invite and to be honest, I'm really not sure that I'm even welcomed at this wedding. After things that went down tonight, and I will spare you the gruesome details, I have all of a sudden felt VERY good about our future wedding. And I would like to give us some credit for all that we have done, even though many other people accomplish exactly the same thing.

So, kudos to me and Fictoris for having a DJ, having a florist (kudos to Fictoris mom!), booking a venue w/ great food, and booking a fabulous vintage auditorium for our wedding ceremony! Also, kudos to us for doing all this by many great DIY ideas from many of the wedding sites on the website and for making this OUR own, not his or her own - because marriage and friendship is all about the "we" factor, not the "I" factor.

Lastly, I give a great pat on the back, and maybe a hug, to all you other future brides and grooms for going through the exact same thing! I know we'll all be experiencing stress through out the next few months, buts just remember "Goose Frava" and a damn good stress ball (or a mate that gives one hell of a back rub).

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