So this week was Spring Break for Fictoris and I. Our spring break consisted of working and cleaning! Woo! Can you believe that all those boxes, games, tubs, and other things came out of this 5'x3' closet?! Oh yeah you better believe it...then again it was stacked to the ceiling. Some of the things we are planning to donate; other things we simply threw out. The purpose behind these shenanigans? We bought a new desk from Walmart that is going to replace this 1970's table we had when we moved in. In order to get the table out of the space, we had to clean the closet out to fit the table in! Anywho, here are some photos of our cleaning excursion:

Fun part: Fictoris was actually stuck between the door and the closet behind him!

Even more fun part: He had to pee!

On the upside of cleaning, we got a new desk...and because of this I got it in my head that I needed new, interesting pieces to "pull" things together.

The craving resulted in me purchasing two neat items from O'Day Cache in Fargo...

...and a sweet, inexpensive, antique lamp from an antique store here in Valley City. Unfortunately, the lamp shade was ugly as sin so I had to throw it away. My next goal is to find a lamp shade that will work!

And, so that concludes my Spring Break/Spring Cleaning Excursions. I lead one hell of an exciting life :)
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